Focusing on promoting health and wellness awareness


We are a collaborate shareholder base with a common interest of business growth and with the purpose of helping local farmers introducing their finest products.


Through our combined knowledge, we have gained the experience of the regional business which enabled us to grow and provide our clients with products that cater to their necessities.

Established in 2016 Jawda kick-started with the purpose of introducing Egypt’s finest products; ranging from natural herbs, seeds, `and oils. 

Dr. Mohamed who has a PhD. degree in Biology and more than 20 years comprehensive experience in seeds, herbs, and seeds oil, and Mr. Abdelsalam who has an Executive MBA from the University of Northampton and has extensive experience in the Investment Management field. Both Dr. Mohamed and Mr. Abdelsalam have combined their expertise to introduce Egypt’s PEARL; Jawda.

Our seeds are from the best cultivating fields; processed by cold pressing which ensures that oils retain their flavor, nutritional quality, and vital healing component. Our oils are admixtures free; useful for hair, skin and curing health issues.

We have built trust with our customers knowing that we guarantee the finest quality when it comes to our products. Regular analysis by our independent laboratories guarantees longevity and sustainability of the quality of our products that are sourced directly from local farmers who use sustainable and Eco-friendly techniques. 

We value our customers and for that, we make sure to deliver top quality products, and we take pride in our courteous, knowledgeable and professional client relationship management and we will do everything to make you satisfied!.


Focusing on promoting health and wellness awareness


To improve the health and well-being of our generation through providing natural and organic products